Kitesurfing and windsurfing

Ozone (, is exclusively marketed by Yannick in Madagascar local. Please do not hesitate to seek advice to buy your kiteboarding equipment. You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices, much cheaper than elsewhere.

Madagascar Sport Concept certified school. We offer  internationally recognised training. We rent out kites, boards, and all other relatated equipment. We can also organize in kitesurfing tours or downwind rides in the region of Toliara, Ifaty, Salary, and Andavadoaka with a  quad or 4 x 4 to take you home.

IKO is dedicated to develop kitesurfing and safe practice around the world. IKO promotes quality teaching and sets the worldwide standard! At our Kitesurfing School, just north of Tulear, we offer introductions courses as well as courses aimed at the intermediate and independent kiteboarder.

Anyone can learn kitesurfing. Our professional instructors will guide you step by step. Fun and an adrenaline rush will accompany every stage.

Once you have completed your course, you will receive an internationally recognised  IKO certifacate :
IKO training program :

Discovering the kiteboard : level 1
Intermediate kiteboarder : level 2
Independent kiteboarder : level 3

Thrilling! Kitesurfing unites you with the water and the wind.
It’s gone! You glide over the lagoon with only  the sound off the  wind  and water. Satisfaction! A beginner just fell in love with our sport.

Kite School / Ecole de Kite

« Hôtel de la Plage is ideally located for beginners and more advanced kiteboarders. The steady wind, makes it easy to progress quickly and safely  to the next level.  »

Yannick will be your instructor. IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified instructor.

IKO  Certification commitments :  Security, skill, continuous development, customers service,  IKO training standards.

The Center is located at Hotel de la Plage.

2 speedboats, First aid kit, binoculars, vests, helmets, shoes, advice from Yannick our IKO qualified instructor.

Side – on, regularly.

On – shore, rarely.

Side, rarely.

Off-shore Never.

An Immense lagoon, with low tidal differences, therefore negligible currents.

Flat plane of water at low tide, small chop at high tide (in high tides)

May to September : between 23 ° and 26 °

October to April : 26 ° to 30°

June to December : Winds of between 12 and 30 knots.

January to May : Thermal which can be disturbed by clouds as it is the rainy season. Unfavourable conditions can last up to 4 or 5 days. Winds of between 8 and 25 knots.

We organize Downwinders. Discover the coast! A thrilling 9 km to a fishing village to the south, accompanied by a boat for safety.


Hôtel de La Plage Ifaty Tuléar

Video of Kitesurf n°1

Kiteboarding Home spot Hôtel de la Plage south west Madagascar

Video of Kitesurf n°2

Ecole de Kitesurf Ifaty, Tulear (Madagascar)

The hotel de la Plage from the sky

Hôtel de la plage vue du ciel Madagascar Tuléar trip

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