Hotel de La Plage Ifaty Tulear

A bit of background…

Accés gratuitMadagascar is a mountainous island located in the Indian Ocean south of the equator. The Mozambique channel separates it from East-African coast. At the  narrowest, a mere 400km separates these two bodies…

The Red Island is about 1600km long and more than 600km at its widest point. The Tropic of Capricorn dissects southern Madagascar, from Vangaindrano, in the east to Tulear in the west. Tulear is about 9000 km from London.

The surface area of Madagascar is approximately  592.000 kms  with a coastline of about  5.000 km. Madagascar, the world’s fourth largest island, after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo, is nearly twice as big as the UK and Ireland combined or twice the size of Arizona. The island has about 22 million people and the official language is Malagasy with some local variations. French is spoken by many Malagasy people. The currency is the Ariary.

The Capricorn coast

The South West coast is called “the Capricorn Coast.” It begins at Ihosy where the road rises between granite mountains to enter the great grass plain, of the Bara pastoralistswith their great herds of  zebu.

Discover more quickly!

It is a country with many natural wonders, including the magnificent sandstone formations of Isalo and the needle sharp rock of the BemarahaTsingy. Madagascar also offers fabulous underwater richness. The Tulear barrier reef, boasts more than 6000 species and is also the third longest in the world…

Madagascar, the second Eden with  many unique species of fauna and flora, is waiting for you!

Kitesurfing and windsurfing

Ozone, is exclusively marketed by Yannick in Madagascar local. Madagascar Sport Concept certified school. We offer  internationally recognised training. We rent out kites, boards, and all other relatated equipment. We can also organize in kitesurfing tours or downwind rides in the region of Toliara, Ifaty, Salary, and Andavadoaka…

Scuba or snorkel in a marine protected area from a traditional outrigger canoe

Wether you are Scuba diving or snorkeling, you will discover a wealth of marine life in one of the biggest coral reefsin the world.
We have our own Diving Club, under the watchful eye of Yannick, a qualified PADI instructor. We also offer a varietyofwatersports (windsurfing, whale watching etc…)

Hiking in quads

Polaris 330 quads, the ideal mode of transport to go to Tuléar or to visit the many  nearby villages.
Various guided routes are  available for exploring this picturesque region. Guided tours  of the famous Malagasy Baobab trees, white sand dunes, unusual encounters with villagers in Bus, and a variety of  scenes await you.

Hôtel de La Plage Ifaty Tuléar

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Presentation of the hotel

Hôtel de la plage Ifaty, Tuléar(Madagascar)

The hotel de la Plage from the sky

Hôtel de la plage vue du ciel Madagascar Tuléar trip

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Kiteboarding Home spot Hôtel de la Plage south west Madagascar

Hôtel de la Plage


BP 397 – 601 Tuléar 1 – MADAGASCAR

Hôtel de la Plage


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